Aeryn Gillern


Aeryn M. J. Gillern

Missing in Austria

Since October 29, 2007

My son, Aeryn Gillern, disappeared in Vienna, Austria October 29th, 2007.  As of March 7, 2024, we still have no answers as to what happened that evening.

It is now 16 1/2 years later and still no answers. 

The documentary “Gone” was done to highlight the problems with the Police, the American Consulate in Vienna, and State Department. To educate people about the issues that US families with loved ones missing abroad will face, and, most of all, to hopefully find answers.

Due to numerous issues that we as a family have experienced, I will be changing the format of the website. Our story of loss and pain has become a source of income and enjoyment to many people. FromYouTube videos for subscribers and viewers, which are monetized, as well as Podcasts, Instagram and TikTok who are using our pain and loss for entertainment purposes, often mocking him, and most recently using AI and my son’s image. These come to my attention through email alerts, friends, or occasionally after someone has released a project. These are all projects I am not involved in, in any form. . 

As a precaution, let me add, that we do not have a GoFundMe page, never had one, and will not be setting one up.

We still have people that were involved in making the documentary in our lives, but there is nobody in Austria or the US that speaks for our family. 

For those that have followed our story respectfully, you have our deepest gratitude.

If there are any updates, I will post them.

I can be reached at the email address below.

Thank you,

Kathy Gilleran